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Beyond Tahrir Square: Managing Large Scale Change

In my previous post on this subject I suggested lessons from the Egyptian revolution to the world of corporate leadership. Now I do the reverse.

I would like to address the ruling military officers of Egypt and the other leaders who are now finding themselves in the midst of turmoil in the Middle East. They all are confronted with the problem of “managing large scale change.” This is not a new thing. Many companies and countries have been through this before. So… here is an open letter to the Generals of Egypt, and to all others to whom it may apply.

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Publication Announcement: Lean Culture – The Leader’s Guide now available on Amazon

Lean Culture – The Leader’s Guide provides a road map to implementing lean culture within your organization. This guide represents the knowledge gained through thirty-five years of field experience implementing large scale change in the culture of organizations. This guide presents the principles and process of changing organization culture to capitalize on the competitive advantages of lean.

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Gross Workplace Happiness – Can it be Measured and Does it Matter?

Rudiger Fox who is the CEO of PFW Aerospace AG, a leading tier one supplier to the aviation and aerospace industry in Germany,has taken the components of Gross National Happiness and applied them to his corporation. He has developed a measurement methodology and strategic plans to improve Gross Workplace Happiness.

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