Strategy Execution

CEO’s, according to the Conference Board, have rated “strategy execution” as their number one and number two problem. In my new leadership course I dissect the problem and describe a practical process of strategy execution, creating the culture and capabilities that result in successful execution of strategy.

Team Leadership Training

This is the Introduction to my course on Team Leadership – The Kata of High Performance

The Coaching Kata

This is posted on YouTube and it is the fourth of seventy-four lectures in the Team Leadership course on Udemy.

On Corporate Culture and Leadership

 Visions of a New Corporate Culture:

This is a presentation on the eight principles in my book American Spirit: Visions of a New Corporate Culture. These eight principles and the book were use by Honda America Manufacturing to train their managers soon after they began operations in the U.S. This presentation was made for SW Bell in the later 1980’s. While dated, the principles are as valid today as they were then.

Leadership and Life Cycles: Barbarians to Bureaucrats

This is a 24 minute edited version of an after dinner talk to Litton Industries on the subject of leadership and corporate life cycles. It is based on Larry Miller’s book Barbarians to Bureaucrats.

Today Show with Jane Pauley – Barbarians to Bureaucrats Interview

This is a short interview on the Today Show with Jane Pauley when my Barbarians to Bureaucrats book came out.