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This website provides resources for those implementing lean management, lean leadership, and the now mandatory “hybrid organization.” The courses and information you will find here are based on forty-five years of field work implementing high performance empowered teams and empowering organization culture in dozens of major corporations.

For the past forty-five years, beginning with the redesign of a prison to create a learning environment that reinforced desired habits, I have been working to create healthy organization cultures. I reject rigid adherence to any one theory or methodology, but choose to learn from all and to integrate all into a holistic understanding of behavior and the systems of organization.

 In my very “semi” retirement I am entirely focused on developing online learning to support excellence in management and leadership. I now have more than 160,000 online students. Please see both my own course platform Leadership-Academy.Online and my courses on Udemy.  

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Designing the Hybrid Organization

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May Best Price Course Sale

I have been thinking a lot about how leaders think, their mental models, their understanding of their own organization’s system and the larger social and economic system in which they live. I believe that most failures of companies and leaders is a result of a failure...

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The Inevitable Consequence of Closed Systems

There are many uncertainties in leadership and world affairs. But there is one thing that is certain. When a leader surrounds him or herself only with those who agree, submit, or are bullied into withholding independent views, it is only a matter of time before that...

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Did Covid19 Kill Lean Management?

With the supply chain disruptions of the past year, a hundred container carriers anchored off Las Angeles, and near empty dealer car lots, some journalists have declared that lean management is dead! Some believe that the absence of inventory and the reliance on...

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