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This website provides resources for those implementing lean management, lean leadership, and lean culture. The courses and information you will find here are based on forty-five years of field work implementing lean management and lean culture in dozens of major corporations.

For the past forty-five years, beginning with the redesign of a prison to create a learning environment that reinforced desired habits, I have been working to create healthy organization cultures. I reject rigid adherence to any one theory or methodology, but choose to learn from all and to integrate all into a holistic understanding of behavior and the systems of organization.

  • I do two things to help my clients: First, I help to redesign the organization to create the culture and capabilities that enable the successful execution of strategy and the culture of lean management. This normally involves designing the organization into a system of self-managing teams at every level. This design process considers the “whole-system” – social, technical, and economic systems. 
  • Second, I help to develop the skills of team leadership, facilitation and problem-solving that are at the core of lean management and culture. In recent years I have developed sixteen online courses to deliver lean and leadership training in the most efficient way. Several of my courses, particularly my course on Team Leadership was developed for clients implement a team system in their organization to train all team leaders. When online training is paired with on-site coaching and action-learning, the habits will change in a sustainable way. Please look around at the courses, articles, books and posts on leadership and culture.

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Let’s get to the point. Udemy’s Black Friday sale is on and now is the time invest in courses at the lowest price and which will build your own personal value in the marketplace, your brand equity. Let me make two recommendations that you may not have considered. Most...

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Seize The Opportunity in Crisis

With daily reports of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, cancelation of conferences, closing of schools and corporate travel restrictions it is time to think creatively about how to respond to the crisis. Within every crisis is the challenge of creativity, to try out new ways of thinking and getting the job done.

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Selling in the Spirit of Service

My bet is that you do not identify yourself as a “sales person.” You are probably a change agent, a manager, or leader. My second bet is that you must be able to sell your ideas, yourself, and your products or services to others...

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At the Heart of Truly Powerful Organizations

(A guest post by Natasha Miller Naderi, and yes, she is my daughter, I am proud say and building her consulting business in Beijing.) Once a child asked a wise man, “why do all the rivers flow into the powerful ocean?” The wise man replied, “because it sets itself...

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A Meditation on the New Year

Dear Friends, I first want to wish all who have taken any of my courses, read my books or blogs, a truly happy and peaceful Christmas (Chanukah, or any Holiday) and best wishes for the coming year. I am truly grateful that I have had the opportunity to be of some...

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