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Essential Skills for Creating Lean Culture

After more than forty years of on-site consulting and training with many of the world’s best companies, I have turned my attention to the world of online learning

Over the past eight years I have worked to develop high quality online learning experiences. The future of training and development is a combination of online learning, action-learning and coaching. In other words, a process of blended learning that recognizes the value of both online and on-site experience and feedback. 

I now have eighteen courses available on Udemy and on my own site, Leadership-Academy.Online. On Leadership-Academy.Online you will find all of my courses at the same low price everyday. You will also find “bundles” of courses, one with six courses on Essential Management Skills (such as leading teams, solving-problems, coaching, giving feedback); and another on Lean Leadership & Organization Transformation. 



Leadership: Designing and Managing the Hybrid Organization

Covid 19 forced one of the great social experiments  in human history. Instead of having to “show up” at work, we had to stay home at work. We learned that we could both be more productive and most were more satisfied. Now every organization must face the reality of redesigning its work system while employees must learn to take more responsibility for self-management and team management. This course details both research of the past year’s experiment and a process for implementing the hybrid/flexible organization.

Designing the Hybrid Organization

Student Reviews:

“This course is a Master Class for an organization hoping to move from the traditional Top-Down managerial methodology to a truly trusting and engaging spirit of cooperation between management and the rank and file employees. It’s an incredible course which will be useful for many types of organizations, both large and small, in building an organization adapting to the challenges of the new realities of the present age. Highly recommend!” Steve Lieberman

Available either at Udemy or at Leadership-Academy.Online

Lean Leadership, Lean Culture and Lean Management

This course is based on practical field tested knowledge of lean culture and leadership. The course introduces the history of lean, the essential principles and practices, the “House of Lean” and the important functions of the lean leader. It also presents the two critical paths to lean implementation: first, the redesign of processes, systems and structure to create the foundation that enables teams to engage in continuous improvement; second, it presents the essential habits of teams and team leaders engaged in problem-solving and continuous improvement. Simply put, the student completing this course will be able to institute lean culture and lean leadership.

Student Reviews:

“Excellent! Larry Miller is the teacher everyone would love to have. Knowledgeable, laid back, funny. Real anecdotes and experiences from Toyota and the companies that later embraced the Lean philosophy. If you wanna understand the right attitude of a leader this course is the right stop. If you wanna know the House of Lean and how to live it properly look no further. Plenty of additional material available, including two of his books I would buy again with NO hesitation. I will check asap also the other courses and resources from the same author because this was high quality content Well done Larry!” Antonino, Melbourne

“It was a great resource and the presenter was very well articulated and conveyed the knowledge in an easy way to understand. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to learn about the Lean Methodology.”
Sharon Hung

New Manager Training – The Essentials for Every Manager

Most new managers have the technical skills to succeed. What they often lack is the skill of managing, motivating and developing their employees. This course will provide those skills that are essential to your success as a manager.

This course is organized around three critical blocks of skills: First, managing and motivating individuals; second, leading high performing teams; and third, engaging their people in the continuous improvement of work processes. If a you can master these skills your success is virtually guaranteed.

The lessons in this course are strongly influenced by the instructor’s extensive background in lean management and in developing high performing teams. The course is ideally suited for new managers in companies wanting to develop lean culture. It is also perfect for young entrepreneurs who are just beginning their journey as managers.

Student Reviews:

I had an opportunity to be in a management role with no training and I feel that if I had this material as a new leader I would have had a much better time in ramping up and leading my teams in a more organized fashion. Thank you for creating this learning path. I look forward to receiving my certificate once I send you the completed exercise sheets. Brian Fallu

I am an aspiring team lead, and the course was an eyeopener to what I should expect and how to tackle challenges on the job. Aitua Anita Idehen

Great course, enjoyed every minute. Thanks Larry ! Stephane Blondin

Great course, even if you have been a manager for some time it re-enforces some knowledge/skills and also introduces new ones. I would thoroughly recommend. Great for the new manager and the course goes through real world experiences and examples to help aid learning. Robbo

Team Leadership Master Class

To succeed as a manager, entrepreneur, or executive, you must have the skills of team leadership. This course provides those skills. It provides the skills of facilitation, communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, process improvement and managing human performance. It is based on the principles and practices of lean management and culture (Toyota Production System) and the instructors forty years of experience implementing team management and lean culture.

The instructor has worked for forty years to institute self-managing teams or high performing teams and this course is the result of that hands on experience.

Note: this course now includes two complete ebooks –  Team Kata – The Habits of Continuous Improvement and The Lean Coach, as well as many articles and case studies on the implementation of teams.

The above is a learning/coaching map, outlining each section of the course, the action-learning assignments, and coaching questions.

Student Reviews:

“Searching a best course for Team Leadership ends here…….awesome! Lawrence Miller is a Highly experienced author, created topics in a very systematic manner and providing his stories of experience from Industry. Very colorful and meaningful slides once we start the course we never feel to miss any of his lectures. Thanks a lot!!” Hari Prasad Bandari November 22, 2019

To me this is an exceptional piece of coaching which is very well presented. Very clear communication which is easy to understand as examples are numerous to get to the main point. Deep diving is done to prepare the course and practical examples are given which is close to day to day operations in any business.” Hani Ul Nasir, 23 Feb 2018


Coaching Managers & Leaders for Continuous Improvement

Great teams have great coaches. Great athletes have great coaches. And, we all become great in our field with the help of a dedicated and compassionate coach. This course will help you to become a successful coach who can help others achieve their own version of greatness.

This course is focused on coaching current leaders or managers within an organization to improve performance, develop new habits, and contribute to a culture of continuous improvement. Every great athlete has a coach. Every great musician has a coach. And, within great organization, like Toyota, every manager has a coach. The cost of external coaching is too great. This course is designed to prepare managers to coach both their own team members and to coach peer managers. 

This course include both the Team Kata ebook and the Lean Coach.

Student Reviews:

This was a great course with lots of information and a conversational style. He uses good examples from life to bring the concepts alive and gives helpful exercises and resources. Lin Wilder

I enjoyed learning from this course and there are some really good tips on how to be a better coach: recognizing the whole person that you are dealing with, having positive assumptions, looking at behavioural data (not just hard data) when assessing performance or stating the “why” when you are empathetic. The course is well structured, consistent with other Larry Miller courses and it revalidated some of my beliefs. Thank you! Andrei Nechifor

I had an amazing experience. This course has assisted me identify my areas of strength and development when it comes to my coaching career. It also equipped me with the necessary tools to use when coaching managers and consultants in the business. Moses Makgahlela

Business Strategy Execution: The Agile/Lean Way

Transforming Culture and Capabilities to Execute Business Strategy: The Agile Way to Business Strategy Success

Note: Now included is the complete ebook Getting to Lean – Transformational Change Management

Business Strategy Execution is a hot topic in management today. The Conference Board’s recent Survey of CEOs revealed that chief executives are so concerned about strategy execution that they rated it as both their number one and number two most challenging issue.

Why does strategy execution so often fail? Because most strategic plans are little more than a series of vertically integrated objectives. But, the problem is not objectives and it is not vertical. It is the “whole-system” and its ability to adapt and align, internally and externally in fast cycles. In other words, to be agile. The problem is the culture and capabilities of the organization and a process to design and deploy those capabilities. This course provides that process and is based on forty years of experience improving the performance of organizations.

The problem is developing new capabilities and a new culture that will enable the organization to achieve its goals. The term “Agile” implies an iterative process of experimentation, learning, adaptation to the changing environment, and alignment with other business units and support groups. This course is about creating that agility, adaptation and alignment.

Student Reviews:

Very enjoyable lecturer to listen to and apparently with a long, long experience of executing of strategy. The way the lessons are presented shows that this is not some fuzzy words theoretical course with a weak foundation in empirical data, but more of a philosophical approach from someone who really understands and have experienced what he is talking about. Top course. Cor van Houte

Fantastic course, for anyone in strategy execution, business transformation or simply interested in improving performance of their unit. Philip Stefanov

Course was interesting. i love the detailed step by step / hand-holding. It was a course that walked you through what to do, how to do it, who to do what and all. I’m recommending this to other members of my management. Titilope Adelaja

I was looking for gain knowledge in execution strategies and this course has fulfill the knowledge gab between external and internal strategies. I recommend if you are looking for substantial knowledge. Hamlet Reynoso Vanderhorst

Larry You are amazing instructor. Great job! Michal Wisniewski

It’s just fascinating. Every second, every minute. I’m learning so much. It’s opening my eyes to so many things! Larry is just great. The way he explains things, the examples he uses, his speech, well… Everything is just marvellous. I loved and enjoyed every second of this course, and I’m gonna make the best of it. THANK YOU. Ana Beatriz Gomes de Toledo

Consultative Selling Skills Master Class

Sell in the Spirit of Service, seek to solve problems and build lasting relationships. This is Consultative Selling Skills,  the anxiety free way to sell million dollar contracts.

Selling is an essential skill in our economy and for your personal development. To earn your full potential you must be able to sell your self, your ideas, your product or service. Consultative Selling reduces the anxiety of selling by focusing on shared problem-solving and building trusting relationships. Those who become partners or principles in professional service firms (consultants, lawyers, etc.) are those who bring in the business. This course describes exactly how to bring in high value contracts by building trusting relationships with clients. To succeed as an entrepreneur you must have the selling skills taught in this course.

Student Reviews:

Excellent course with some great content. Engaging delivery style makes it thoroughly enjoyable. 100% relevant to my role. Nick Strangeways

Yes, I’ve been a salesman for 40 years, but am in a rebuilding stage, and am enthused about Larry’s approach. Peter Smith

I absolutely loved the course. It was very well thought out and structured well. It goes into depth about the consultative selling process. Starting at the mindet, self branding all the way through to continualy working with those clients after the intial sale. Regan Williams

It’s so amazing! I learned how to be a good listener and be more persuasive as a financial consultant. The techniques and skill taught in this course are easier to apply. Ng Hui Qi

Giving and Receiving Feedback for Management and Leadership

Giving employees or team members feedback is an essential skill for every manager or team leader. If you do this well, your team members will perform well. Their success is your success. That is the purpose of this course.

Feedback should be a primary learning activity, welcomed as an opportunity for growth by the recipient. Unfortunately, very often feedback is viewed as punishment, a source of anxiety that inhibits one’s ability to learn. The purpose of this course is to help you develop the skill of giving feedback in a way that reduces anxiety and maximizes the opportunity for learning and continuous improvement on the part of the individual. 

This course is intended to be very concise and direct, focused solely on this important skill of both giving and receiving feedback.

Student Reviews:

I cannot give even a 4.5, because Larry is my favourite speaker. 🙂 Great to see him again and again, speaking so naturally, but also scientifly about real and everyday issues and solutions. Thanks Larry! Ficz Antal

Fantastic course! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will attempt to implement all these strategies, into my working and personal relationships. Sophia Charalambous

After completing this course one thing I understood that ‘Nobody is perfect’ and by sharing our feedback and working on the feedback recieved from other’s will improvise us. Thanks to Mr. Lawrence for explaining the things so beutifully 🙂 Junaid Shaikh

The course was very informative, with proper guidelines and activity involved to practice. Miller is awesome in explaining things with right choice of words. Thanks again Divya

Team Facilitation: The Core Skill of Great Team Leaders

This is a focused course on team  facilitation which is appropriate for both team leaders and team members. 

If you are an entrepreneur, a manager wanting to move up in responsibility, or someone who simply wants to work well with others, this course provides the essential skills of leading teams. You cannot succeed today without the skills of leading groups well.

This course provides all of the essential skills of creating unity of energy and effort on a team; bring the team to consensus; and conducting virtual team meetings.

Student Reviews:

A very practical and straight to the point guide on facilitation, communication and decision/making. Very well delivered and full of very accurate examples! Magda Goraj

This course is the very first course that I have taken here on Udemy. It was a good match for me. Thank you so much, Mr. Miller, for all the materials presented in this course! I liked the instructor’s teaching style and vibe. I’m very familiar with online learning and comfortable with this type of learning medium. I have signed up for another course by this instructor and I’m looking forward to learning more and it should be great. Cris

Five Stars because I like Larry’s story telling art. Khaleel Mapari

Lean Problem-Solving for Team Members and Leaders

The Core Activity of Continuous Improvement Every Team Member Should Know

Your personal success depends on your ability to lead teams! Great team leaders are promoted and are successful entrepreneurs. Leading teams is the critical competence for leaders at all levels today. And, problem-solving is the basic methodology that drives improvement by teams and lean organizations. This short course provides the basic skills and philosophy of effective problem solving. It is based on 45 years of experience developing teams and implementing lean management. 

This short course covers…

  • The Lean philosophy of problem-solving and continuous improvement.

  • Root cause analysis – the “five why’s?”

  • Brainstorming causes of problems.

  • The PDCA & A3 problem solving model.

  • The skill of brainstorming.

  • Action-Planning and follow-up.

Student Reviews:

Lawrence presents the topics very well with knowledge and experience on the subjects he presents. John Kammer

I’m really enjoying the knowledge shared in this coarse! Very insightful and delivered very well. Clark Osborne
Great course on lean fundamentals. Inspiring stories to understand the key principles. Fassouane
Awesome !!! Sai Kiran Inamanamellure
Lawrence is great explaining each topic, how to apply the tool and how to follow it up. The course is great because it gets to some details that could be the difference between success or failure. Thank you very much Larry for sharing your knowledge with us! Carlos Ganzalez Oliver

Motivation: The Science of Motivating Yourself and Your Team

Motivation Mastery for Every Team Leader and Entrepreneur – The Critical Leadership Skill

Your success is your ability to motivate and develop your team and team members. If they perform, you perform. This course will provide those skills that are critical to your success.   

Motivation is not a speech or pep talk! It is the skill of creating a worthy purpose, an effective team environment, designing work for intrinsic motivation, and using positive reinforcement in an effective way. This course will enable you to develop a system of sustained motivation for yourself and your team. 

Student Reviews:

The instructor is knowledgeable and gives the course with a fun outlook which is appreciated, The energy of these video courses is really good. Well made. Richie Fuuilloty Cruz

I appreciate this course being about real facts surrounding motivation and how to achieve it, rather than being fluffy motivational talking points. Elizabeth Donaldson

This course provided good insight into human behaviors and how to positively encourage and reinforce behavior, and to lead others through coaching and modeling that behavior. Ryan Elliott

Love the way the speaker shares his thought process. He is able to relate to the audience and also invoke deep thinking in the minds of the audience simultaneously. Enjoying this course so far. Vaishali Sharma

Value-Centered Transformational Leadership & Culture

The Nine Principles of Transformational Leadership That Build Winning Teams and Culture

You will succeed as a leader if you create trust and respect, and challenge your team toward a worthy purpose. That is what you will gain from this course.

Great leaders know their principles, their beliefs, and ethics. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need leaders who are grounded in a set of principles that makes them trustworthy and worthy of our dedication. Leaders generate dedication and loyalty based on their adherence to principles.

This course is for all leaders, those aspiring to leadership, and for entrepreneurs who have the golden opportunity to create a culture that will attract the best talent and promote high performing teams.

The purpose of this course is not to prescribe principles, but to offer for consideration and discussion, a set of nine principles upon which transformational leadership can be based.

Student Reviews:

This course gave me a new perspective on leadership! Loved it! Carrie Nermo

Such a great speaker! He is very passionate about what he is talking about and it really shows. Its not monotoned and boring but very passionate and engaging! Even cracks a joke here and there. Definately reccommend to all. Elizabeth Escamilla

An amazing course and an outstanding teacher with great store of knowledge and ability to teach others. When it comes to Lean and Leadership. This is the right teacher. All the respect and love to his courses and his great self. Nabil El Hady

This a great course! The instructor has a great presentation quality. Robert Marchant

I love the interaction of the instructor. His personality fits the course and makes it interesting and enjoyable. Sandra Stutts

Leadership Styles and Corporate Culture

Leadership Lessons from the Rise and Fall of Corporate Culture – Align Your Style to Your Company Life Cycle

Your success as a leader depends on your ability to display those quality that are essential at different periods of your company’s life cycle. Leadership is not one thing. It is addressing the needs for the age in which you, or your company, lives. This course will help you recognize the life cycle stage of your company and the style of leadership that will help your company succeed; and, therefore help you succeed!

During this course you will assess your own leadership style, the dominant style of your organization, and place your organization on the life cycle curve. You will understand the attributes of leaders who can renew and rescue a company from what may appear to be the inevitable decline. And, you will understand the necessary diversity of leadership styles required to maintain a company on the growth curve.

Student Reviews:

Very exciting and thought provoking teaching method. Zoltan Daniel

A few years ago, I asked Larry for an online update of his best-seller – Barbarians to Bureaucrats. He has delivered beyond my expectation. The new renewal additions give a valuable overview of whole systems architecture and team issues at various levels of the organization. Mitch Spiegel

An amazing and outstanding course. The courses by this teacher stands alone from the crowd. A unique courses and great engaging method that really help anyone understand the subject easily and unleash his/her real potentials. Nabil El Hady

Lawrence, That was amazing!!! Here is one barbarian prophet, and historian who thanks you! I have taken 75 Udemy courses thus far. Most of them in business. Your course is one of my favorites! Thanks again! Sincerely, David Coon

I like the lecturer and the topic. He presents in a fascinating manner, relating leadership qualities to historical figures. Melanie