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Theories of organizational evolution and managing change are interesting and may provide insight. However, I have lived my forty-five years of consulting in textile mills in the South, foundries on the banks of the Monongahela River, oil refineries in Texas and New Jersey, and healthcare organizations in Canada. I know very well the real-life issues of changing ingrained habits among both executives and union members who fought for their privileges. The goals of self-management, lean processes and organization, and high creativity are easy to agree on. The challenge is in the process of changing habits, mindsets, and cultural norms. This has been my work. 

I have been consulting for more than forty years and understand the importance of working closely with senior managers to help them achieve their business strategy as well as to implement improvement in the culture of the organization. I have also been the CEO of two companies with all the responsibility of growing a business and managing costs. 

My Mission

My mission is to improve my client’s business performance, the quality of their culture, the capability of their employees and organization; maximize self-control and self-management; and, to contribute to the material, intellectual and spiritual wealth of my clients.

What I Do

In the past I spent most of my time providing on-site coaching and training to implement self-management and lean culture. These days (I am getting old(er), you know!) I am focused on my online course development and helping a few companies structure their change processes. I have described my views on an effective change process here

A very simple way of describing how I have helped companies is to say that a) I help them redesign the house in which they will live; and b) help to develop the skills and habits that will enable them to live successfully in their new house. The first is my Whole-System Architecture process; and the second is the Team Kata process of building habits of team leaders and team members.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. I am happy to discuss any of the material in this website and to explore any way that I might be helpful to you or your organization.

The best way to contact me is by email.

My email is LMMiller@lmmiller.com

You can find my complete bio or resume here.