Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s Make 2022 The Best Year Ever!

We are all leaving behind a year that was difficult and sometimes traumatic. I am an eternal optimist and I believe that we can make 2022 the best year of our lives – both individually and collectively. I want to offer you all or any of my courses for the lowest price I can as you plan your own learning and development for 2022. Perhaps my favorite phrase is continuous improvement, a lifelong challenge to become the best we can be.

Let me suggest two courses for your special consideration. I probably spend too much time worrying about the state of our world. My earliest books focused on principles and purpose as the cornerstone of leadership and effective culture and organization. My course on Transformational Leadership has grown in popularity over the past year and I think it is because we are all recognizing the importance of principle centered leadership. In this course I provide a roadmap for building a principle centered organization.

Another of my favorite themes is the idea of whole-systems, the importance of understanding alignment and adaption to our environment and among the different systems within the organization. If you seek to become a more effective leader in the coming year, I urge you to become a systems thinker, a practitioner of whole-systems design. It is a way of thinking that will elevate your contribution to your organization. This is the purpose of my course on Business Strategy Execution.

Use code NewYear2022 on all courses, or click on the course title, for lifetime access. And please, have a great New Year.

 Designing Organizations that Empower Employees

Lean Leadership and Execution

Personal Communication and Management Skills

Leading Corporate Culture Change