Wealth Founded on Values and Worthy Purpose

Creating Wealth

The Five Circles of Sustainable Wealth

Over the past several years I have been working on a book analyzing the process of creating genuine and sustainable wealth. I have just turned this into a course on Udemy titled Creating Wealth in Your Life and Your Business.

This is no “get rich quick” course and it does not tell you how to make money in any specific business. Rather, it presents the real personal qualities and capabilities demonstrated by those who build businesses and achieve true life satisfaction.

I know that courses on creating wealth are too often some “rah rah” motivational pitch or some scheme that is unlikely to work. This is very different. This is the real deal. It is no short cut and presents the reality of the hard work and the self-reflection required to develop the five forms of wealth that ultimately lead to financial success.

The Five Forms of Capital

In the “good old days” of capitalism, the days of J.P. Morgan and Karl Marx, wealth and power was defined by money. Capitalism was money. It is no longer. In the twenty-first century true wealth begins with a deep understanding of one’s worthy purpose and values – what I call Spiritual Capital. That then forms the basis for trust, the creation of Social Capital both within a firm and with customers or the market, brand equity. Your competence and motivation, Human Capital, are the third essential ingredient in wealth creation. These three forms of capital lead to innovation, the creation of new and better products and services. All business today succeeds based on innovation, trust and relationships. Financial wealth is the natural consequence of the first four forms of capital. This applies equally to one’s personal life and to the life of an organization.

The game of life is creating sustainable wealth achieved by the turning of this wheel, the continuous investment in these five forms of capital.

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Larry Miller