Stephen Covey died today. Stephen was a truly “good man” in every reasonable sense of that word. He did his best to practice what he preached and what he preached was not simply good management, but moral, spiritual, ethical conduct in the board room, the workplace and in the home.

Many years ago, 1983 to be specific, when my American Spirit book was published, I joined Stephen in his Master’s of Excellence series, a once a month all-day workshop in which an author presented his book and the audience planned how to apply the lessons in their workplace. This was before Stephen had published 7-Habits and he sent me a copy of a pre-publication copy for my comment. I also joined him inĀ Acapulco, Mexico for an Aetna presentation.

In all things Stephen practice the “abundance” mentality of sharing in the belief that all gifts are ultimately returned in some form that you may never expect. Both his writings and his life are a testimony to the value of applying spiritual principles in both your life and in your work.

Don’t pray for Stephen’s soul. There is no need. Pray that you (and I) can practice what he preached in our work and in our families.