Post Covid We Enter a New Age of Hybrid, Flexible Work System Built on Trust and Self-Management,

In the year 2020 we experienced the most massive social experiment in human history. In every company, in every country, on every continent we suddenly went from the necessity of “going to work” to the necessity of NOT going to work. There are lessons from this unintended experiment that will change our models of work forever. We are now entering an age of hybrid organizations with a flexible mix of at home and onsite work. Now we must figure out how to make this successful. That is the subject of this course.

Every organization must redesign its own work, teams and relationships to take advantage of the lessons that we can both perform much of our work from home and experience increased job satisfaction and productivity. Even the U.S. Federal Governments has accepted the new reality of hybrid organizations and is engaged in creating new rules and a new culture.

This course is based on many years of designing organizations to be self-managing. It not only addresses management’s responsibility to redesign systems and structures and management need to adopt new skills and style; but also, the employee’s responsibility to manage their own work, space and motivation and to become great team members taking ownership of their own performance. Please have a look at the free introductory lectures.

The course includes action learning assignments and recommends a blended learning model with learning teams and coaching. It also includes 30 downloadable case studies, exercises, and other resources.