My bet is that you do not identify yourself as a “sales person.” You are probably a change agent, a manager, or leader.

My second bet is that you must be able to sell your ideas, yourself, and your products or services to others to succeed. Selling is an essential component of getting to the top in any field. But, selling makes us anxious. The solution is to sell in the spirit of service to others – sincerely. This is at the heart of Consultative Selling Skills.

Creating Unity of Interest through Shared Problem-Solving

Who becomes a partner in a major law firm? Simply a good lawyer? No. It is the lawyer who can bring in the business by developing strong relationships with clients and generate revenue. The same is true in consulting, accounting or any other professional service firm. It is essential for entrereneurs who must sell their ideas. It is also true for those who sell high value software and products like commercial equipment.

Transactional selling is focused on the object and the immediate transaction. Consultative Selling is strategic and focused on shared problem solving that matches the client’s needs and creates the link to your service or product.

After thirty-five years of selling many millions of dollars in consulting services I decided to share these skills in this new online course.

The topics covered include the following:

1. How Do High Performing Sales People Behave? – A Study of the Stars. This is actual field research conducted by the instructor for a client on the dozen most successful sales people out of many hundreds selling for a major commercial truck manufacturer.

2. The Process of Consultative Selling: The Antecedents that Lead to the Sale. The instructor describes the process of creating a “sales funnel” that starts with building your personal brand, market knowledge, and creating market awareness.

3. The Consultative Conversation. This section describes the factors in “likeability”, the process of dialogue (thinking together), problem solving models that enable you to immediately start adding value by helping the client diagnose their problems and co-create solutions that incorporate the features and benefits of your service or product. The instructor shares a detailed actual proposal of his consulting services that sold for more than a million dollars. He also shares a case study and suggest possible proof statements that enable the closing of the sale.

4. Service the Sale: Many sales courses end with the famous “close”. However, this instructor insists that the initial close of a contract is only the beginning of a relationship and describes the process of post-sale service and quality control that leads to additional sales opportunities.

5. The Essential Communication Skills: The final section of the course is training in the fundamental communication skills of asking open-ended questions, reflective listening, and expressing empathy that are essential to all quality relationships and are essential for Consultative Selling.

There is nothing theoretical about this course. It is based entirely on the instructor’s many years as the principle rainmaker of a successful consulting firm.

The course is six hours long, with lifetime access, available 24/7 on any connected device. Now for only $9.99. There is a thirty-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.