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Straight Talk: Avoid the Con of Quick and Easy Lean

Lean is a strategic initiative that will require at least three to five years for any organization of size. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet. There are too many false promises of quick and easy gains and too many consultants selling executives what they want, and not what they need.

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Lean Culture and Continuous Improvement Require Enabling Structures

Lean management requires a rethinking of the structure of organizations, the formation of teams, and a “whole-system” understanding of the organizational system. Even how we structure the change process may result in a failure to address the root cause of waste and quality problems.

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Lean Leadership – The ONE Quality that Matters Most

Rupert Murdoch’s first remark in his testimony before Parliament was that this was the most humble moment of his life. No doubt true. Hubris, rather than humility has led many companies over the cliff of disaster. The quality most required of those leading continuous improvement is the opposite of hubris, it is humility, the antecedent to learning. Lean leaders develop an attitude of science, the ability to experiment, learn from the data, and try again. Lincoln’s victory over General Lee was a victory of humility over hubris.

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