Jay Heizer and Barry Render, both professors of Operations Management, publish the blog Jay and Barry’s OM Blog. It is a good source of continuous operations management knowledge and source information.

They were kind enough to post this review of my new book:

Professor Jay Heizer

“For those faculty with some background in management theory, leadership, and organization behavior, Larry Miller’s new book, Lean Culture, The Leader’s Guide, is an excellent refresher in a very applied way…. that is, how to build lean organizations. For faculty (and students) with limited exposure to these topics, it is a great survey book.  The strong applied nature of the book makes it good supplemental reading regardless of background.  Miller has done a great job of tying management literature to lean literature. One can tell from the presentation that Miller has fought the culture wars necessary to bring about organizational change.  And successful implementation of lean often means fighting those wars. Miller, has indeed, provided the ‘leader’s guide’ for the battle.

“The book is an easy read and full of great figures, many of which focus on lean topics, while others deal with management and behavioral issues.  The lean topics of his text are excellent reinforcement of material covered in the Heizer/Render text. Supplementing your course by adding the structure and applied approach of Lean Culture, either as outside reading or via lectures, may help students identify  what is to be done and how to do it. There is no way to be an effective manager or a change agent as we seek lean organizations without understanding leadership, organization culture, and the tools of lean. Here is the plan.

“I think you will find that the book really is  The Leader’s Guide for implementing lean and that it will help you and your students make lean work.”