This poor blog has been too neglected in recent months and there is only one guilty party, me.

Now I promise to be better behaved. I have just finished a book, again, again… Yes I thought I was finished with this several times previously, but this time it is off to be published and should be available very soon.

For those who don’t know, this is about my fifth book (I say about because it all depends upon what you choose to count, training manuals, very short books, etc.). The title is Competing in the New Capitalism.


From the back cover:

This book is about the self-initiated, free enterprise transformation of capitalism into something better. Capitalism is transforming, not because of the external force of regulation, but because of the internal exertion of virtuous self-interest.

Today, every organization is struggling to create the new currency of competition. In the early days of capitalism, money mattered most. We have entered a new phase of capitalism and the rules have changed. To be a player in the tomorrow’s business, you will have to master the creation of five forms of capital or wealth: social, human, spiritual, financial and process or technology. These are the keys to competition. However, most organizations have not yet learned to manage these new forms of capital. This book is about creating the currency of competition in the new capitalism.
This new capital resides at three levels: the organization, team and individual. This book defines the most important disciplines that unify energy and effort toward common business strategy. These are the currencies, which build the bank account of each of the five forms of capital. The pursuit of all five forms of capital will define not only your organization’s success, but also that of your team, and your personal net worth.
Mr. Miller has redefined the nature of wealth and given us a roadmap to achieving it.
The workplace of today is different because of the competitive urge to produce innovative and high quality goods and services. Creativity and commitment are the fuel of commercial competition and they only come from people who are fully engaged. We, the business community, will transform capitalism again, not because of compliance to external regulation, but because we must, to compete.

Mr. Miller has brought unity to the concept of wealth. He has provided a roadmap for creating both personal wealth, effective teams, and an organization that creates not only economic value, but ennobles the human spirit.