Let’s get to the point. Udemy’s Black Friday sale is on and now is the time invest in courses at the lowest price and which will build your own personal value in the marketplace, your brand equity.

Let me make two recommendations that you may not have considered. Most of those who will receive this are managers or change agents and you do not think of yourself as a “salesperson.” But… please consider this. Those who rise in organizations, those who become partners in the law firm, principles in the consulting firm, or directors/VPs in any corporation are not only skilled in their function. They know how to bring in the business. They know how to build long-term trusting relationships. That is the essence of Consultative Selling. It is the low anxiety way to sell in the true spirit of service. Nothing will enhance your value more than consultative selling skills.

One of the most critical, and too often missing skills, in our organizations is the ability to think through and redesign the system and structures that determine human behavior and performance. High performing, lean organizations, are designed! They are not an accident. My course on Strategy Execution is a comprehensive course on designing your organization’s systems and structure – its culture – to achieve strategic improvement. If you can do this, you are among the most valued members of your organizations team.

Now is the time to build your skills with any of the following courses, and now is the time to capture them at the lowest possible cost!

  1. Sales Skills Training: Consultative Selling Master Class
  2.  Lean Leadership, Lean Culture & Change Management: Designing the System of Continuous Improvement  
  3. Leading Virtual Teams – A Quick Course
  4. Coaching Leaders for Success
  5. Giving and Receiving Feedback – A Quick Course
  6. Moral Leadership: The Principles of Transformational Leaders
  7. Management Skills: Essentials for the New Manager
  8. Leadership and Life Cycles
  9. Team Facilitation: The Core Skill of Great Team Leaders
  10. Motivation: The Science of Motivating Yourself and Your Team
  11. Lean Problem-Solving for Team Members and Team Leaders
  12. Team Leadership – Team Leadership Skills Master Class
  13. Strategy Execution – The Agile/Lean Way