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Lean Culture Implementation Flow

While writing or editing my material for Lean Culture – The Leader’s Guide I realized that it would be helpful to have a one page flow diagram of the process of developing lean culture. After sharing this and getting feedback from a couple of clients who are engaged in the effort, this diagram is the result.

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Lean Culture – The Leader’s Guide

Lean Culture – The Leaderís Guide provides a roadmap to implementing lean culture within your organization. This guide represents the knowledge gained through thirty-five years of field experience implementing large scale change in the culture of organizations. Through this guide you will learn the principles and process of changing organization culture to capitalize on the competitive advantages of lean.

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Toyota: Did they believe too much in their own reputation?

The Washington Post today reports Toyota’s own explanation of their failure. By their own account, they put growth ahead of quality. They did not have the sense of urgency to respond to customer feedback. Again, nothing in this condemns shop floor practices, the essence of the Toyota Production System, or “lean”, rather it condemns the priority and actions of senior managers.

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So What Happened to Toyota???

Last week I was at a client and I was explaining some point of lean culture and I used an example from Toyota. The union president who was in attendance stood up and said “I’ll tell you one thing, you better not tell us to do anything because Toyota did it. Ten people in the past week have come up to me and told me that we aren’t doing anything because Toyota does it.” That about sums up the sentiment out there.

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Team Leadership Curriculum & Certificaton

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