You may find the following papers helpful in your exploration of lean culture and organizational development.

Survey on Pre and Post Covid Work Practices

This is all the data from my survey regarding work and management practices following the Covid 19 pandemic.

Leadership and Life Cycles

This paper is an excerpt from Mr. Miller’s book, Barbarians to Bureaucrats and describes the rise and fall of civilizations, corporations and the leadership styles that are the cause.

Team Management & Leadership

This paper described how an organizations creates self-directed or natural work teams to optimize self-control and performance.

 Whole-System Architecture: A Model for Building the Lean Organization

This paper is a synopsis of Getting to Lean – Transformational Change Management that presents a comprehensive model for redesigning the whole-system of an organization to lean principles. This is based on complexity theory, socio-technical systems, Ackhoff’s interactive planning, and other change management models that take into account both the entire system of the organization and are based on principles of high stakeholder engagement in the change process.

Redefining Capital, Capitalism & Sustainable Wealth

The ability to achieve a strategy is dependent on capital or assets. The assets of the organization include much more than financial assets and liabilities. The forms of capital that enable any culture to perform, whether the culture of a country or a company, include spiritual capital, human, social, innovation and financial capital. This is a new way of thinking about how the organization creates value. It is a different understanding of value then most will be used to.[1] However, it is increasingly well recognized that money does not produce money. Money is the result of human motivation, values, social relationships and the ability to innovate. Making money is an result of these other capabilities.

 How far Along the Lean Journey Are We

This is a self-assessment tool whereby your management team can go through the items and indicate the progress you have made and are planning to make. It is not intended to give you a “grade” but rather to cause reflection and self-evaluation leading to the identification possible areas for improvement.

Action Learning:

Cycles of Learning are the Key to Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The Honda Way: A Visit to Marysville

Lean Culture and Leadership Factors – Report

I recently solicited the opinions of lean implementers regarding the progress they have made and the importance of what I felt were key factors when implementing lean culture or management. The individuals who responded were either those who read my own blog, those who participate on the NWLean Yahoo discussion forum, or members of the Lean/Six Sigma LinkedIn forum. It is safe to say that all of these individuals are engaged in the process of implementing lean, either as an internal change agent or an external consultant. A total of 82 individuals completed the survey.

Lean Culture and Leadership Survey

For those who would like to examine all of the responses to the survey, this file is the full output of the data from the survey of lean practitioners.

 Lean Implementation in Home Health Care – the Design Process

This is a case study of changing the culture, the process, and improving performance using the Whole-System Architecture model.

Lean Implementation - Case Study – Blended Learning in Healthcare

This is the second stage of the case study above. First you design, then you develop the skills of working in teams and solving problems. The blended learning model employs online learning, action learning, and coaching.

 An Executive Coaching Framework:

The purpose of this paper is to share a few ideas regarding the goals, approaches and ways to think about the process of executive coaching. Keep in mind that all executive coaching is designed to meet the specific needs of the client, and those needs may vary greatly.

Enriching Production: Perspectives on Volvo’s Uddevalla Plant as an Alternative to Lean Production

This is a link to a very important book (you can download the entire document) that is for serious students of work systems. It explores what happened in Volvo’s experiments with alternative work systems and provides perspectives in relation to lean manufacturing.

PowerPoint Presentations

Life cycles of Culture and Leadership – Barbarians to Bureaucrats

This, of course, is from my Barbarians to Bureaucrats book. And, from a future book on Sustainable Wealth.

Lean Culture Part One

These slides describe some of what I feel are the important characteristics of lean culture. As an introductory presentation, this is not intended to be complete. A summary and some thoughts on implementation process.

Lean Culture Part Two

(the file was too big for uploading as one file)

The Abilene Paradox by Jerry Harvey