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This website provides resources for those implementing lean management, lean leadership, and lean culture. The courses and information you will find here are based on forty-five years of field work implementing lean management and lean culture in dozens of major corporations.

For the past forty-five years, beginning with the redesign of a prison to create a learning environment that reinforced desired habits, I have been working to create healthy organization cultures. I reject rigid adherence to any one theory or methodology, but choose to learn from all and to integrate all into a holistic understanding of behavior and the systems of organization.

  • I do two things to help my clients: First, I help to redesign the organization to create the culture and capabilities that enable the successful execution of strategy and the culture of lean management. This normally involves designing the organization into a system of self-managing teams at every level. This design process considers the “whole-system” – social, technical, and economic systems. 
  • Second, I help to develop the skills of team leadership, facilitation and problem-solving that are at the core of lean management and culture. In recent years I have developed sixteen online courses to deliver lean and leadership training in the most efficient way. Several of my courses, particularly my course on Team Leadership was developed for clients implement a team system in their organization to train all team leaders. When online training is paired with on-site coaching and action-learning, the habits will change in a sustainable way. Please look around at the courses, articles, books and posts on leadership and culture.

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Fast Company Interview on Hiring

You might find this interesting: BY STEPHANIE VOZZA  In a traditional job interview, the interviewer is in the driver’s seat, controlling the questions, pace, and format of the...

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The Power of Principles

Dear Friends, Over the past year I have had increasing concern in regard to what I must call a crisis in leadership. It is not only in the U.S., but a global crisis. We desperately need to raise a generation of ethical, principled and positive leaders to move our...

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The Crisis of American Political Leadership

Now that the election is past and we know the outcome, I feel a need to speak out on what I believe to be a crisis in American leadership. This transcends party. I would be amazed if even one citizen believes that the political parties selected the two best possible candidates from our vast population of qualified and experienced executive talent. Both parties, and the American people, must reconsider how we go about selecting a candidate and the personal leadership qualities of those candidates.

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Free Book and Discount Offer for Lean Leaders

Implementing Lean Organization & Leadership Dear Friends,  I have three online courses that I consider the core courses for implementing lean leadership and culture. I have published a book that corresponds with each of these three courses. I want you to not only...

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Coaching Leaders for Success

For the past several months I have been  focused on completing two related projects. Both focused on the development of coaching skills and your capacity to provide coaching to every leader and team. One is the publication of a book, The Lean Coach. The second is the...

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