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Action Learning: Cycles of Learning are the Key to Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

The best methods and the best of intentions can easily fail unless we take into account how adults learn in our organizations. During World War II a process that has become known as Training Within Industry (TWI) and its...

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Straight Talk: Avoid the Con of Quick and Easy Lean

Lean is a strategic initiative that will require at least three to five years for any organization of size. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet. There are too many false promises of quick and easy gains and too many consultants selling executives what they want, and not what they need.

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Lean Culture and Continuous Improvement Require Enabling Structures

Lean management requires a rethinking of the structure of organizations, the formation of teams, and a “whole-system” understanding of the organizational system. Even how we structure the change process may result in a failure to address the root cause of waste and quality problems.

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