_LMD3983My mission is to improve my client’s business performance, the quality of their culture, the capability of their employees and organization; and, to contribute to the material, intellectual and spiritual wealth of my clients.

L. M. Miller & Associates is a solo consulting practice focused on helping organizations implement lean culture and management. I live in Potomac, Maryland.

Having owned and managed a firm with a large number of consultants, it is now my preference to work directly with my clients without the need to sell services to support additional staff. However, I have a large network of associates with whom I can partner as needed.

I provide consulting, coaching and training services to help build the lean or high performance organization, a culture that is focused on continuous improvement and business performance. I have been involved in the human side of quality and performance improvement, creating the team-based organization, for thirty-five years. As one of the early proponents of employee involvement and quality management I have seen the field develop through fads and fantasies to sound management principles. High performing organizations require the personal commitment and leadership at the top, the skills of continuous improvement at all levels, and the organization structure and systems that will enable lean processes and customer focus. I am prepared to facilitate the development of these critical components that are essential to business success.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Larry Miller (LMMiller@lmmiller.com)

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