Leadership Development Online

Over the past three years I have worked to develop high quality online learning experiences. I am convinced that the future of training and development is a combination of online-learning, action-learning and coaching. In other words, a process of blended learning.

All of my courses are available with parallel coaching to assist in learning and performance improvement. I know have ten courses available on Udemy, all now and permanently available for $10 each. These are lifetime subscriptions. My focus is now on continuously improving each of these courses with improved video production, improved exercises, and resources.

All of my courses incorporate the principles and practices of lean management but focus on the people skills side or the culture of lean.

“Thank you very much. You have certainly given me lots to think about and apply. I will tell you that as a former business trainer, I love that you really raised the bar for virtual facilitation and webinar settings. I felt your instruction held my attention very well and you kept it moving. Great follow up system too. Thanks.”  Jennifer (Udemy student in Motivation course).

“I just finished your course and I did leave a review but just wanted to message you, to tell you, thank you for the course. I mentioned on the review but the company I work for went from a complete zoo to a respectable place to work in just under 2 months and it was mainly because of this course and your info. People have complemented me on the great job I have been doing and I do owe it to you so thank you! I will be doing your other course and you should continue doing more courses because you are a great teacher!” Kevin Mohammed, student in Management Skills: Essential for the New Manager

Comprehensive Leadership Development Courses

Lean Leadership, Lean Culture, and Change Management

This course is based on his practical field tested knowledge of lean culture and leadership. The course introduces the history of lean, the essential principles and practices, and the important functions of the lean leader. It also presents the two critical paths to lean implementation: first, the redesign of processes, systems and structure to create the foundation that enables teams to engage in continuous improvement; second, it presents the essential habits of teams and team leaders engaged in problem-solving and continuous improvement. Simply put, the student completing this course will be able to institute lean culture and lean leadership.

Available for $12.99

What Will I Learn?

  • The student completing this course will have an understanding of lean culture and lean leadership (Toyota Production System) and will be able to institute lean culture in his or her workplace.
  • The student completing this course will be able to eliminate waste and engage his or her team members in an on-going process of continuous improvement (kaizen).
  • In many oranizations, instituting lean culture and processes requires a redesign of the social and technical systems of the organization. The student completing this course will know how to institute a process of redesign.
  • At the heart of lean culture is the natural work and management team who engage in continuous improvement. The student completing this course will know the essential problem solving methods employed in continuous improvement and will be able to lead his or her team in continuous improvement.

Leadership Skills: Leading Teams to High Performance

The Complete Team Leadership training course, 74 lectures, 14.5 hours of material. This is the ideal course for both team leaders and team members seeking to establish continuous improvement in the natural work team structure and within leadership teams. Note: This course now includes a complete ebook – “Team Kata – The Habits of Continuous Improvement”

The complete Team Leadership training course, 74 lectures, 17 hours of material, at less than half price.Available for $10   

What Will I Learn?

  • Lead teams in continuous improvement of their processes.
  • To develop high performing teams, team leaders, and team coaches.
  • Motivate and manage the performance of teams and their members.
  • Solve problems in a systematic, fact-based manner.
  • Learn the communication and facilitation skills that are essential to leading people and teams.

Management Skills: Essentials for The New Manager

Most new managers have the technical skills to succeed. What they most often lack is the skill of managing, motivating and developing their employees. This course is organized around three critical blocks of skills: First, managing and motivating individuals; second, leading high performing teams; and third, engaging their people in the continuous improvement of work processes. If a new manager can master these skills their success is virtually guaranteed. 82 Lectures, eleven hours of content, plus thirteen action-learning exercises and available Green Belt Certification.

Available for $10

What Will I Learn?

  • Motivate your employees and create high engagement and empowerment.
  • Provice specific job training for your team members and motivate your employees.
  • Lead teams to become high performing teams engaged in continuous improvement.
  • Understand and develop “lean management” problem-solving and process improvement.
  • Resolve conflicts with others and among team members.

“Thank you so much for putting this together! I really enjoyed your approach using real world instances both in work and personal scenarios. I don’t know you but it is evident that your approach to team management has been influenced not only by training and consulting, but also heavily by your experiences as a parent, and I can relate very much to that. I can say this is the best course I’ve taken so far on Udemy and I look forward to taking another one in the near future.”  Delali (Udemy Student)

 Business Strategy Execution: The Agile/Lean Way

 This is a comprehensive, 18 hour course, that takes the student through the process of aligning the organization’s culture and capabilities to the strategic business goals of the organization.The student will learn to analyze the landscape, align the internal technical systems (work process), social systems, and economic system to achieve business strategy.This process will engage the maximum number of leaders and team members in the process of building the future culture and capabilities that will lead to sustainable performance.


A comprehensive course guaranteed to create successful strategy execution.

Available for $10

What Will I Learn?

  • To create a process of agile action to achieve strategic business goals.
  • To align the internal technical systems (work process), social systems, and economic system to achieve business strategy.
  • To achieve agile adaptation and alignment of the organizations systems, structure, skills, style and symbols.
  • To engage the maximum number of leaders and associates in the process of building the future culture and capabilities that will lead to sustainable performance.

Focused Leadership Development Courses Online

Leadership: The Transforming Power of Principles

Great leaders know their principles, their beliefs, and ethics. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need leaders who are grounded in a set of principles that makes them trustworthy and worthy of our dedication. Leaders generate dedication and loyalty based on their adherence to principles. This course is for all leaders, those aspiring to leadership, and for entrepreneurs who have the golden opportunity to create a culture that will attract the best talent and promote high performing teams.

Available on Udemy for $10

What Will I Learn?

  • The student will learn why principles are at the core of effective leadership.
  • The student will be offered nine principles that have proven to be central to all great leaders.
  • You will be asked to examine your own principles and commit to those principles.

Coaching Leaders for Success

 Most organizations are adopting lean culture and leadership. However, many are struggling to create a sustainable change in the habits of continuous improvement, teamwork and problem-solving. Training alone is insufficient. Face-to-face coaching is required. The cost of external coaching is too great and most companies do not have sufficient internal coaches. The only solution is to do what Toyota has done – develop internal coaching skills and provide that coaching to peer managers and teams. This is the Leader Coach. This online course is intended to provide the needed coaching process and skills to enable line mangers to become coaches to other managers and to their subordinates.


Available from Udemy for $10Course Logo3

What Will I Learn?

  • To coach leaders and managers to improve key performance measures.
  • To coach leaders and managers to develop the critical skills of team leadership.
  • To coach leaders and managers to develop the habit patterns that lead to a high performing organization.

Situational Leadership and Corporate Life Cycles

All living things follow a path from birth to death, from the chaos of rapid growth to the stability of maturity and then decay. The study of civilizations and corporations proves a similar life cycle of integration and then disintegration and leaders are the primary cause of both. Durig this course you will assess your own leadership style, the dominant style of your organization, and place your organization on the life cycle curve. You will understand the attributes of leaders who can renew and rescue a company from what may appear to be the inevitable decline. And, you will understand the necessary diversity of leadership styles required to maintain a company or culture in a mature state.

Course Logo2Available on Udemy for only $10

What Will I Learn?

  • To recognize the requirements of different life cycle stages of growth and decline
  • To recognize the leadership styles and behavior associated with different stages of development.
  • To assess your own leadership style.
  • To be able to adjust your style to the needs of your organization.

“Fantastic: The quality of course design and the variety of examples were exemplary. I was so engaged and finished the course inspired to improve my own leadership based on what I learned. Thank you! ” Whitney Taylor

Motivation: The Science of Motivating Yourself and Your Team

There are two keys to success: competence and motivation. And, most important is becoming competent at motivating yourself and others. That is the purpose of this course.

Available on Udemy for only $10

What Will I Learn

  • To gain mastery over your own behavior and to maximize your influence over your employees and associates.
  • To optimize all sources of motivation. You will learn an inclusive model that includes a) spiritual motivations, b) social motivation, and c) situational sources of motivation and methods to apply each to your own life and within your organization.
  • You will learn the “Coaching Kata”, a simple and proven method of coaching others to improve specific skills and behavior.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Giving employees or team members feedback is an essential skill for every manager or team leader. Feedback should be a primary learning activity, welcomed as an opportunity for growth by the recipient. Unfortunately, very often feedback is viewed as punishment, a source of anxiety that inhibits one’s ability to learn. The purpose of this course is to help you develop the skill of giving feedback in a way that reduces anxiety and maximizes the opportunity for learning and continuous improvement on the part of the individual.

Available on Udemy for Only $10

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn the essential attitudes or mindset that leads to effective
  • You will learn how and why feedback can go wrong and result in extreme anxiety on the part of both the giver and receiver of feedback.
  • You will be able to use a structured model for giving feedback in a positive and helpful way.
  • You will assure behavior change by developing action plans and accountability.
  • You will also practice a model for receiving feedback in a manner that will maximize the value of feedback received.

Team Facilitation: The Core Skill of Great Team Leaders

If you are an entrepreneur, a manager wanting to move up in responsibility, or someone who simply wants to work well with others, this course provides the essential skills of leading teams. You cannot succeed today without the skills of leading groups well.

Available for Only $10

What Will I Learn?

  • To gain an understanding of the essential skills and behavior of effective team leaders.
  • To practice those behaviors that lead to optimum participation and commitment to action by team members.
  • To learn the critical listening skills that are essential to all personal communications and to team leadership.
  • To understand when and how to use each of three decision-making styles: command, consultative and consensus.
  • To learn how to both give and receive feedback, or “straight-talk”, in a manner that leads of learning and continuous improvement.
  • To learn the critical skills of effective leading virtual teams to effective performance.