I am happy to discuss any of the material on this blog or website and to explore any way that I might be helpful to you or your organization.

The best way to contact me is by email. I travel a good deal so I am often not by my phone.

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  1. Hello Larry,

    I found your survey to be quite interesting and like you I felt that many who contributed underestimated some of the impacts especially on the human/emotional side. It happened to catch the eye of one of my clients and I was wondering if you would mind if we used it within the company. If not, could you forward me a copy.

    thanks in advance for what you have already done,

    Lonnie Wilson

  2. Lonnie,

    Your are welcome to use the report that you can download on my “Papers” page, as well as the complete survey results. I’m glad your client found it helpful, as I suspected clients of both my and other consultants, would. It was my intention that it be used by anyone who found it helpful.

  3. I enjoy reading your publiciations and papers, they are right to the point and a valuable tools for anyone thinking about or starting to go on a Lean Journey.

    Please explain what HPBT stands for?

    Steve D

  4. Dear Lawrence

    I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for letting me read some of our material, I came across it by accident looking for articles on lean teams, you have scored a hit dead centre. And, as an ex Honda guy I also learned Humility it helped me learn more and helped better myself with learning.

    I always look for material to help me grow, even though I have been doing this lean stuff for 20 years now, I still learn, but I suppose you have got to want to learn and that is also Humility as far as I am concerned, I am not an expert – just a “learner in the lawn of life”

    Once again, many thanks I will enjoy reading your web site.


  5. It seems I have met you back in early 1980s when I was involved with Institute of Industrial Engineers. You were, I believe, as a speaker on one of their conferences.


  6. Your information has been helpful to me as a trades person. I or we feel that there’s just too much one-way communication we really need to sit down at the table and do much more talking and taking action. I feel that as a manager you might not need to understand the trades totally but you have to have some understanding of the trades and our responsibility as trades people, the tools that we use and the importance of these tools for proper job done. I appreciate the idea of the 5-S process and how important it is to the organization. we started UP way meetings and have been in discussion for sometime now but it seems there’s only a one way communication here at this point. The word “quality is seldom spoken. When we talk about tools the box car is never mentioned as one of our most essential tools in the business, Auto-racks or Container cars, Tank cars, Hopper cars.
    I was wondering if your lean process is the same lean process there were implementing for the Union Pacific Railroad, or just a similarity of your lean process?

  7. Ray, I think you are correct.

    One of my favorite phrases, which comes from Honda, is “the world’s greatest experts are on-the-spot, have their hands on the work.” And, I believe that. In my view every member of the organization should be working as a team member, managing their own process, empowered to make decisions and improve the work.

    Managers and executives need to practice the same team work and problem solving. Unfortunately, some of the worst problem solving skills are among managers. It needs to happen at every level.

    Best wishes,

  8. Hi Larry,
    I just read your new book, getting to lean and I am saddened. Saddened because I thought I knew so much about all of the key subjects you cover and now I know how little I know. I feel like that recruit you mention, facing into the second half of that 10 mile run in the rain.
    Still, no pain no gain. Thanks for capturing o much wisdom and sharing it.

  9. I especially like your web page on Lean Management. Thanks. Say I’m wondering if you live in the Maine-NH area. Like your web-page photo of the harbour.

  10. Thanks, Mike. I live in Maryland, but I have spent a lot of time in Maine. Photography is a hobby of mine and Maine is one of my favorite locations. All the photos at the top of each page are taken in Maine.


  11. Larry,
    I have been listening to your lectures for many days now. I am truly inspired how you can draw me into your discussions! Your discussions are very informative and keep me entertained at the same time.


    Team Kata student John

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