Creating Sustainable Wealth in Your Life and in Your Business

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Wealth Founded on Values and Worthy Purpose Over the past several years I have been working on a book analyzing the process of creating genuine and sustainable wealth. I have just turned this into a course on Udemy titled Creating Wealth in Your Life and Your Business. This is no “get rich quick” course and it does not tell you how to make money in any specific business. Rather, it presents the real personal qualities and capabilities demonstrated by those who […]

Social Capital: Families and Teams Form the Social Capital of Our Culture

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Healthy families in which there is high trust result in high academic performance. This is “family social capital.” Similarly, the team at the first level is the foundation of social capital in the organization. This social capital is a key factor in generating continuous improvement and achieving high job satisfaction and retention of employees.

George Washington, Unity and the Spirit of Party

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We need to have a serious conversation, not simply about the budget or the healthcare law, all of which can be improved, but about the unity of the country and the spirit of party about which we were well warned in the infancy of this nation. Washington was passionate about this one principle of unity and he could see that the greatest threat to our country was not external forces, but internal division. He could see that division would lead to “parties” and those parties would develop a spirit that would be a cancer to the country.

Goldman Sachs and the Money vs. Morality Debate

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Yesterday, a young executive at Goldman Sachs, Greg Smith, resigned in a very public way. He wrote an op-ed in the New York Times titled “Why I am Leaving Goldman Sachs.” In essence he accused the leadership of Goldman Sachs of destroying the internal moral fiber of the firm, putting profit before meeting the needs of customers, and he cited the open contempt that Goldman personnel feel toward their clients. It is a sad commentary. The readers of this blog […]