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Welcome to Management Meditations

For the past forty-five years, beginning with the redesign of a prison to create a learning environment, I have been working to create healthy organization cultures. I reject adherence to any one theory or methodology, but choose to learn from all and to integrate all into a holistic understanding of behavior and the culture of organizations.
  • I do two things: First, I help to redesign the organization to eliminate waste in the process flow and to form self-directed teams that engage in continuous improvement. These are the key elements of the technical and social systems of the organizaton.
  • Second, I help to develop the skills of team leadership and team problem-solving. In recent years I have developed ten online courses to deliver lean and leadership training in the most efficient way. When online training is paired with onsite coaching and action-learning, the culture will change in a sustainable way.
  • I hope you will take a look at The Process of Change┬áthat describes a proven set of change methodologies.
My blog posts are literally meditations on the state of leadership and management. Please have a look around and feel free to contact me at