Creating Sustainable Wealth in Your Life and in Your Business

Wealth Founded on Values and Worthy Purpose

Creating Wealth

The Five Circles of Sustainable Wealth

Over the past several years I have been working on a book analyzing the process of creating genuine and sustainable wealth. I have just turned this into a course on Udemy titled Creating Wealth in Your Life and Your Business.

This is no “get rich quick” course and it does not tell you how to make money in any specific business. Rather, it presents the real personal qualities and capabilities demonstrated by those who build businesses and achieve true life satisfaction.

I know that courses on creating wealth are too often some “rah rah” motivational pitch or some scheme that is unlikely to work. This is very different. This is the real deal. It is no short cut and presents the reality of the hard work and the self-reflection required to develop the five forms of wealth that ultimately lead to financial success.

The Five Forms of Capital

In the “good old days” of capitalism, the days of J.P. Morgan and Karl Marx, wealth and power was defined by money. Capitalism was money. It is no longer. In the twenty-first century true wealth begins with a deep understanding of one’s worthy purpose and values – what I call Spiritual Capital. That then forms the basis for trust, the creation of Social Capital both within a firm and with customers or the market, brand equity. Your competence and motivation, Human Capital, are the third essential ingredient in wealth creation. These three forms of capital lead to innovation, the creation of new and better products and services. All business today succeeds based on innovation, trust and relationships. Financial wealth is the natural consequence of the first four forms of capital. This applies equally to one’s personal life and to the life of an organization.

The game of life is creating sustainable wealth achieved by the turning of this wheel, the continuous investment in these five forms of capital.

Please take a look at the promo video. I am offering this for at 50% off as an introductory offer. A mere $20.

Thank you for taking a look,

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Larry Miller


Leadership Lessons from Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders

As a student of leadership and history it is impossible to avoid a search for meaning in the current political theater. There are lessons for business leaders in the mental models exhibited by both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. How they solve problems can change our world for better or worse. This is a non-partisan discussion. Are political leaders a reflection of the culture or do they set the culture? Probably, both. If we understand how some of the current candidates both think and behave we have reason for grave concern. Direct vs. Systemic Causation In the mental framework of Bernie Sanders the problem is simple: “Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” That is the problem. The solution is just as simple: free health care, free college for all, … Continue reading

Game Changer: Udemy and the Mass Market Age of Online Learning

Udemy has just changed the game for professional training and development. Today Udemy made an announcement that has shaken up the online learning world and caused us to re-evaluate the nature of the online learning marketplace. It will require every other online platform (Lynda, Teachable, etc.) to rethink their pricing strategy. This is great news for consumers of professional learning. Beginning April 4th all courses on Udemy will be priced no higher than $50 and no less than $20 (regardless of size or quality) and discount coupons may not exceed 50% of the listed price. This ends a flood of $9 coupons for $200 courses and stabilizes pricing. But, how will potential customers view the value of courses priced at these prices? My two comprehensive courses (Team Leadership and Agile Strategy Execution) each took a good six months of work to construct and represent my learning and experience over many … Continue reading

Google’s Team Research – Habits, Relationship, Trust are What Matters

Google’s Research on Their Own Teams Google is one of the smartest companies on earth today. They pursue excellence in both their products and their people with more determination than almost any other organization. Some while ago they recognized that teams were the foundation of their organization and culture. Sound familiar? They have just completed a thorough research effort to determine what makes teams high performing, or not. It is published in today’s New York Times Magazine and I strongly recommend it to anyone focused of leadership and corporate culture. Fair Warning: I am biased. I particularly like this research because it exactly reinforces the need for the skills taught in my Team Leadership course. It is about the habits of interaction that produce a place of safety where team members can freely share, think together, and achieve a shared appreciation and consensus. For those who may not have access … Continue reading

The End of Money as Power

How many times have we heard that “money is power?” It is one of those cliches that has been spoken so many times that one assumes it must be true. Perhaps it was. In both the political and the business world there is a tectonic shift that is proving that what may have been true at some time in the past, is no longer true today. Understanding the on-going shift to other forms of power is essential to successful business and political strategy, now and into the future.

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Cuba, Lean and the Virtues of a Non-Standard World

We live in a world of standardization. Lean manufacturing or Toyota Production System is necessarily based on standardization, repeatable processes, identical parts, designed for ease of installation and reliability. But, what if every automobile was not the same as every other one and had its own story to tell? What if every car had a completely unique history and no two cars had the same parts? What if there were no replacement parts – no Autozone or NAPA, or dealership parts department? Welcome to Cuba!

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Leadership & My Prayer for New Year’s 2016

As a student of leadership I must offer my hopes and prayers for the coming year, and to do so I will defer to the wisdom of George Washington. It will be a critical year and those of us who give serious thought to the subject of leadership have a responsibility to speak out. I will avoid becoming overtly political, but this year will be dominated by politics. The subject of leadership and how or why voters choose leaders cannot be avoided.

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